ArcGIS Runtime: Working with maps online and offline

ArcGIS Runtime: Working with maps online and offline

Users want apps that work connected and disconnected from the internet. This session will go into the details on what you need to do as a developer to build apps that work well no matter the internet connection status.

Session description

This is a session that I held in Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs back in 2018 with Justin Colville. Even though the session is a bit old now, the content is still very valid. This was also my last presentation as part of the ArcGIS Runtime team and one of the presentations that I enjoyed the most to create and deliver. Please note that this was the last presentation of the whole conference. Nope, not just the last presentation for us but in the whole conference so the delivery might not have been the sharpest. Anyways it was great way to finish the conference.

The main purpose of the session was to go through the high-level concepts that ArcGIS Runtime uses when working with maps and the major shift on the paradigm of how to work with offline content. In the past, the only way to work with the offline content in was to use layers and layers packages and as part of the OfflineMapTask work, we lifted the focus to the map level (which contains the layers and much other information).

Topics in the presentation

  • The importance of the WebMap as part of the map configuration
  • Preplanned workflow
  • On-demand workflow
  • Desktop pattern
  • Taking Vector Tile Layers offline

If you have any questions about the presentation or the content, feel free to comment below, contact me or go to GeoNet community.

We did another talk at the same conference with the title “ArcGIS Runtime: Editing your data online and offline” where we went through how to work with the feature editing.


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