ArcGIS Runtime: Editing your data online and offline

ArcGIS Runtime: Editing your data online and offline

Editing data in the field or the office is a common requirement for many organizations. This session will present the capabilities and patterns for editing data whether you have a network connection or if it is slow or non-existent.

Session description

Here is another session that I held did in Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs back in 2018 with Justin Colville and Eli Gregory. The presentation is now a year old but the content is still valid. There have been some changes and improvements from that time but the general story is still the same.

The main purpose of the session was to go through the high-level concepts on how to work feature data in the ArcGIS Runtime.

Topics in the presentation

  • Importance of the infrastructure
  • API overview for editing
  • New functionality
    • Synchronization with maps and layers
    • Edit transactions with geodatabases
    • New data formats for editing

In this presentation, we focused on the editing workflows and didn’t spend much time to talk about how you get your features to the device/application. We did another talk with the title “ArcGIS Runtime: working with maps online and offline“.

You can find more information about the Data Collection for iOS application shown by Eli from here. There is also the same application available for .NET here. I think that guys in the Example Apps team has done really good job with those and you can find a lot of valuable information from them.


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